Wii And Controller In Pumpkin Costumes

This is a flourless Walnut Cake. I made three batches of my recipe for what started as a 9â€x13†sheet cake, and for layers and filling altogether I used 33 eggs (that's thirty-three eggs), 7.5 cups of powdered sugar, 3 cups of white sugar, 2 cups of cocoa powder, 7.5 cups of finely chopped walnuts, 3 cups of ground almonds, 1.5 cups semolina, 2lb of butter, rind of 2 lemons and 2 cups of rum. Yes! – 2 cups of rum! More about the cake at http://mycakes.wordpress.com


indydebi Says... 8 years ago

That is one amazing cake!!

KittisKakes Says... 8 years ago

Very cool!! That recipe sounds awesome!!

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