cakenut516 Says... 8 years ago

Great job! I'm sure the kids were thrilled!

nokddng Says... 8 years ago

Very cute!! You just gave me an idea. I have leftover bc and was just going to make regular cupcakes but now I may try this. :D

puffspastries Says... 8 years ago

could you tell how to do these? Very cute! Thanks

amastercreation Says... 7 years ago

great work! I'm sure the kids "gobbled" them all up! :D

KonfectionKonnection Says... 8 years ago

These are so cute! What a neat idea!

cocobean Says... 8 years ago

Really great looking turkeys! Can you tell me the recipe for your bc. I see pictures of cakes with bc all the time and some are very shiny. They look like they might melt but they hold up the design. 8O

jamiemichelle Says... 8 years ago

Very cute!

springlakecake Says... 8 years ago

I wanted to make those, but I don't know if I will have time! They are so cute! Great job!

caixa Says... 8 years ago

Love them !!!

dustymorris Says... 8 years ago

These are great! I don't know if I'll make these or the pumkins for my son's class! Great Job!!

KarinKat Says... 8 years ago

These are adorable! which type of tip did you use or the turkey feathers?

mommy2owen Says... 8 years ago

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. These are so simple and so much fun to make. I made the feathers by using a smaller tip as I went inward....104, 103, and 102. The neck and head with a 12, beak with the leaf tip and eyes with a 4 and 2 I think.

rmelendrez Says... 8 years ago

Really cute..pls share your BC :D

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