ceshell Says... 8 years ago

Adorable cake! The airbrushing adds a wonderful touch, as does the grass on the bottom. Cute bees!

dmq1298 Says... 8 years ago

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments. I made the cake out of a wonder mold pan with a 9" and 10" round underneath. I iced them smooth and then went back with a large icing tip and made bands around the cake, so when I put the fondant on it all I had to do was smooth it. I really had a plan, and surprisingly it worked just how I thought it would! Thanks again Donna

Babarooskie Says... 8 years ago

You did such a great job! How did you do the cake- carved it??

Mommyofseven Says... 8 years ago

Very cute. Nice job

vabeach_girl77 Says... 8 years ago

such a cute cake great job!!!

pounds6 Says... 8 years ago

Looks great.

hoped Says... 8 years ago

It's adorable! Great shading with the airbrushing!

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