mgdqueen Says... 8 years ago

very pretty design!

JaneK Says... 8 years ago

That is such a pretty sheet cake...the pink and white combination is really lovely...I always think I don't like sheet cakes until I come across one like's great!!! :) ;-D

tcturtleshell Says... 8 years ago

Love it! Beautiful!!

Bijoudelanuit Says... 8 years ago

beautiful and elegant! your roses are so lovely :)

Steady2Hands Says... 7 years ago

Thanks! I didn't think about the calyx.

sylly Says... 7 years ago

wow-this is just incredible!!! everything is perfect- the border, the spacing, the roses......great work!

Launa Says... 8 years ago

This is beautiful! Into the faves it goes!!

madgeowens Says... 8 years ago

very nice

jennifer7777 Says... 8 years ago

Simply elegant. Great job!

Teekakes Says... 8 years ago

This is a very pretty cake! You did a lovely job on it in every aspect.

tiptop57 Says... 7 years ago

Stunning! Well done, great design, great colors, fantastic piping - bravo!

practiceandpatience Says... 7 years ago

Very pretty! Love your borders, they add a very nice femininity to the cake! they are nicely space and sized! Remember the calyx on the rosebuds for a more realistic look.

Daisys_Cakes Says... 7 years ago

Critique group member: Love this cake! It is gorgeous! No critique here! :D

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