adriane Says... 8 years ago

beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!! please e-mail me directions

dogwood Says... 8 years ago

Awesome job. It's precious!!!

MariaLovesCakes Says... 8 years ago

Stunning, beautiful, delicate, adorable!!!!

evelynpr Says... 8 years ago

wow, precioso, me encanta

terrylee Says... 8 years ago

that is so sweet.....would you share the Thanks

Mommyofseven Says... 8 years ago

How sweet. This is just so pretty. I also would love to know how you did it. Great job

lujauna Says... 8 years ago

I would like the directions too

sweetreasures Says... 8 years ago

Oh my goodness gracious -- so beautiful - may I too have instructions by way of private message?

sweetreasures Says... 8 years ago

You took my breath away - I love this - I can't express.....

ckckhome Says... 8 years ago

I love it, awesome job I would love the directions to send to

ailika Says... 8 years ago

Que belleza!!!! Gorgeous cake

dulcetentacion Says... 8 years ago

Thanks everybody for your comments, sorry my english is so bad :oops:

ahlyssa Says... 8 years ago


lv2bake Says... 8 years ago

You baby shower cake is beautiful, Di you have the instructions on how you made them? And also how did you do the decorated work? I see star, but waht are the others? I you can please e-mail me the directions thank you

neida Says... 8 years ago

wowwwww este pastel es uno de mis favoritos de hecho cada vez que entro al foro aqui vengo,que # de tip usaste me encanto a pero que # es en wilton? y podrias mandarme un email para explicarme como hacerlo? :) :)

dulcetentacion Says... 8 years ago

Mil graciaspor sus comentarios, el tip 30 tambien lo puedes usar de la marca Wilton para hacer esa tecnica debes hacer movimientor rapidos hacia arriba y hacia abajo para que quede fruncidito, el pamper es un molde cuadrado que le corte las esquinas y los botines son 3 cupcakes 2 atras y uno alfrente. :)

iramirez94 Says... 8 years ago

Esta precioso! Send me directions please

Elisa1965 Says... 8 years ago

This is stunning! Please share with us which tips you used to make the clothes look like they were knitted.

Brandymagic Says... 8 years ago

Beautiful..... Please email directions

dulcetentacion Says... 8 years ago

The tip is the # 30 ATECO

CakesbyJam Says... 8 years ago

Beautiful..just beautiful ;-D

baergarivera Says... 7 years ago

este biscocho esta tan puto me encanta esta PRESIOSISIMO O MERJOR DICHO QUE PUTERIA PRESIOSO. Me podrias mandar directiones como hisiste losbotines y el pamper te lo agradeseria mucho. Gracias Michelle

evieg Says... 7 years ago

i love this cake

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