nikki1201 Says... 7 years ago

very cute! What a neat idea!

leily Says... 7 years ago

very cute! I was just thinking the other day about doing something like this to bring to work. I have all the different sizes of these cookie cutters so I can do little mini ones too!

lepaz Says... 7 years ago

Too cute!!!!!

Crystal13 Says... 7 years ago

this is so cute - my girls would love this!! so for the varying heights of feathers - did you just use different lengths of sticks?

pikle Says... 7 years ago

Aww.. thanks!! Yep-- just cut the sticks as needed while I was inserting them in the foam :D

liha21 Says... 7 years ago

Thank you so much for your idea. I did this yesterday for our church's thanksgiving dinner, and it was such a huge hit. Kids love it! Mine didn't turn out as cute as yours, but I have one more to make next week. You have started a new tradition for me. I love you turkey!

liha21 Says... 7 years ago

That is soooo cute!

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