Skull Topsy Turvy

I'm sorry for not being modest, but I LOVE THIS CAKE!!! This is for my sister's Halloween party. It was a lot of work and next time I do a topsy turvy cake it will definitely be the only cake I do that weekend. The cake topper is a decorative skull I found at the store.


cookinmamma Says... 8 years ago

You don't have to be modest. I love this cake too. Great job!

misterc Says... 8 years ago

How did you get the bottom tier so shiny, I like it!!!

ccr03 Says... 8 years ago

thanks! Ha! Misterc, funny you should mention that. I put the bottom tier in teh freezer overnight and the other two in the fridge. the bottom tier is shiny because it was very moist! Boy, oh boy how a difference the freezer to the fridge makes.

DelightsByE Says... 8 years ago

It's COOL! I also find it rather humorous to use the word "decorative" in front of the word "skull"...but that's just ME! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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