Zombie Head

Inspired by Ellepal's Zombie Head..........
8" Chocolate/yellow cake filled & iced with chocolate icing.
Cake was carved into approximate shape and cake scraps
used to build up the facial features (cheekbones, brows, nose).
Fondant eyeball and teeth were put in position, then the cake
was covered in fondant. Finally, cake was airbrushed and
painted with food color to look even creepier!


deeb173 Says... 8 years ago

Oh my gosh...what an awesome cake. INCREDIBLE!

Shazzicakes Says... 8 years ago

So good it's terrible!! Well done!

bakerj Says... 8 years ago

totally awsome and gross in a good way :lol:

2kiddos Says... 8 years ago

awesome job! love the eyeball!

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