Just because. One of my first cakes. Left over buttercream in various shades of pink, and my first time making chocolate buttercream.


Roelle Says... 8 years ago

Just because cakes are the best kind!! :)

pinkjessica Says... 8 years ago

Very pretty! How didi you get your buttercream so dark? I would love the recipe. My e-mail is :D

elizw Says... 8 years ago

i love the dark icing. it makes the other colors pop! gorgeous cake!

Nic611 Says... 8 years ago

great color combo choice!

mkcraig Says... 8 years ago

pinkjessica - I started with chocolate buttercream and then added black icing color. I used the Wilton chocolate buttercream recipe, but it's a different one than is on their website now, they've changed it because Crisco is all transfat free now. I have the original recipe in a book, I'll e-mail it to you.

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