First Ever Topsy Turvy/Mad Hatter Cake

First ever Topsy Turvy/Mad Hatter as well as first time using fondant to cover. First bows, roses, balls. Not too bad, but I need loads more practise. Cakes were passionfruit and pineapple butter cake. Very moist and yummy


RICKASH Says... 8 years ago

Excellent !..well done for your first time covering with fondant..

debs9 Says... 8 years ago

Beautiful big smooth bows, I love them! and also the colour. Well done excellent for a first attempt (I am to scared to try bows) :D

k879 Says... 8 years ago


artist63 Says... 8 years ago

That sounds so tasty. I really like the color of your bows I haven't tried one of these yet but it looks great

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