Princess Cake

Here's a cake inspired by Missyek. Thanks for all your help. Had a tough time with the pillow...and then when I luster dusted showed stuff I didn't realize was there. Anyway, tfl. OHH...and my icing tiara broke. I didn't make 2 thinking it would be easy to repair, but mine shattered! :(


tobycat Says... 8 years ago

This is a super tough cake to attempt, and you did a really nice job with it. The draping is well done, and it looks like a pillow -- ones I've tried for practice, just don't! Sorry about your tiara, but just hang in there with it!

sweetreasures Says... 8 years ago

great job. I like the draping on the happy birthday

scgriffiths Says... 8 years ago

Love the white/purple effect on the front!

keyshia Says... 8 years ago

Thank you all for the nice comments. :) I just feel like I'm having a bad cake weekend. :)

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