Red Swirls And Champagne

bc icing, champagne cake. Ran out of red & bought some from the local store last minute BIG MISTAKE! The cake ended up sweating & the red ran everywhere. I spent the 2 hrs before the wedding saving the cake. Luckily the cake was for my sister so she didn't get mad, she ended up LOVING it; also I was her maid of honor & almost had a stress/heart attack! (the bad hair at the salon already had me in tears!) The taste was exceptional! Since then we now know how to prevent sweating; THANK U CAKE CENTRAL!


BloodSweatAndTiers Says... 8 years ago

No one notices my mistakes like I notice my mistakes.

BloodSweatAndTiers Says... 8 years ago

What I meant to say is that no one even noticed the changes I made to save it. It wasn't as bad as I thought I guess! :oops: :oops:

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