charman Says... 8 years ago

again, ingredible!!!!! You have to PM directions...please! :)

RICKASH Says... 8 years ago

8O holy crap batman,,thats unreal ;-D ;-D

Melvira Says... 8 years ago

Suh-weeeet!! This is one smoooooth cake! Love it!

ceshell Says... 8 years ago

Amazing! Can't imagine how on earth you got it shaped so perfectly, and check out those wheels and fins -wow!

armywife1 Says... 8 years ago

I think this is one of the best cakes so far! This came out better than any car cake that Duff and his crew ever made. I, too, would love a tutorial on this! Incredible job!!!

Copacabanya Says... 8 years ago

Holy moly that is awesome!! Definitely need a tutorial on that one! Great job!! What is it with 5yo boys and their insane cake requests! I just did mine son's 5th this week as well!

7yyrt Says... 8 years ago

POW! Is this the Keaton version?

Teekakes Says... 8 years ago

OMG this is awesome! Holy Batmobile! That is some kind of cake! You made it look so perfect!!

2kiddos Says... 8 years ago

Holy Crap Batman is right! Thats incredible!!

Wonder_Woman_Chef Says... 7 years ago

OMG!!! MY boyfriend would love this! Great Job!! Do you have instrctions written up that you can send my way?? :D :D :D

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