County Fair 2007 Blue Ribbon Winner

I made this cake in honor of my cousin who makes awesome pies. I can never make a pretty pie crust, but I can make anything out of cake. The flowers are made of fondant. The pie crust is fondant and then I colored it by hand with a brush and food coloring. The table top is a large cake covered in chocolate fondant. It was fun to make.


jillycakes Says... 7 years ago

Wow - that's impressive! I love how you were able to make the top of the pie shiny. How did you get it that shiny, and what is the vase made from? Now I'm hungry for apple pie!

tonirepko Says... 7 years ago

I used egg white with a little vanilla extract to make it shiny. The vase is actually styrofoam covered in fondant.

momvarden Says... 7 years ago

very nice and it looks like fun. what is the vase made from

crazy4sugar Says... 7 years ago

This is so great! What a unique and creative idea...I love it!

Toniprev Says... 7 years ago

I looked at the thumbnail and thought... why would someone put a pie on here??? SO well done!!

jammjenks Says... 7 years ago

This is amazing. I didn't even realize the table was cake until I read it in the description. Great job!

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