Lilac And Gold Wedding Cake

Two tier offset square fruit cake, covered in marzipan & fondant with edible lilac blossoms, scrolls & butterflies, painted in edible gold. The couple are having an outdoors wedding and just wanted something relatively simple, the design is based on something seen in a magazine chosen by the client, but colours & shape changed. 1st time doweling, thank god the top tier hasn't moved & it's been there for 2 days! I don't know that I'm happy that the colours work together but I am a silver girl not gold.


step0nmi Says... 8 years ago

I really like the did a nice job with all the little detailed flowers...this is a very nice cake!

LiliS Says... 8 years ago

it's a nice colour combo!!! I too favour silver but sometimes you have to step outside the box :D

Toniprev Says... 8 years ago

the gold works so well with the lilac!!! well done!!! :D

ApplegumKitchen Says... 8 years ago

Dowelling success! Great work - no Leaning Tower of Pisa!

yummymummycakes Says... 8 years ago

Fantastic job, Looks beautiful and the colours work well together

jules06 Says... 8 years ago

I like it ! colours look good too :D

nicolevoorhout Says... 8 years ago

Thanks guys appreciate your comments, I'm a bit nervous about it, only hope the couple like it at the end of the day! And yes I am now the dowel queen! I LOVE dowels! :D :D

OzCookie Says... 8 years ago

So pretty and dainty! Nice job.

BarbaraK Says... 8 years ago

Great looking cake Nicole. I'm a gold girl myself and I think the colours are great together. Well done!!

RICKASH Says... 8 years ago

very pretty nicole..well done i like the colours

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