Hexagon Whimsical Wedding

This was a very specific request from a bride...red, silver, and lots of shapes. She was THRILLED with the results. Cake completed with BKeith's tutorial. Bottom and top tier chocolate with mocha filling and middle white with almond filling. Buttercream with fondant accents.


thecakemancan Says... 8 years ago

I just ahve to say that this is one of the most awesome pieces of abstract art I have ever seen! You are awesome 8O 8O

lara3teach Says... 8 years ago

Fantastic! I love the look the whimsical hexagons create!

artist63 Says... 8 years ago

That is great, sounds so yummy too.

peeps311 Says... 8 years ago

Love the colors and shapes. Very, very fun! Great work!

mgdqueen Says... 8 years ago

Thanks for the comments...I was really unsure about doing this cake with the hexagons, but I think it added an element that suited the bride to a T.

ljudd1969 Says... 8 years ago

love the hexagon shape and colors of this cake. very unique & eye catching. nice job, i can see why she was thrilled!

Cake4ever Says... 8 years ago

A very usual wedding cake, but you pulled it off and gave a bride a special cake. It's definitely fun and whimsical and I bet the talk of the reception! Great job!

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