Philadelphia Eagles Cookie Cake

Adding more depth to my repetior!! I now do cookie cakes!! I did this one for my boss for bosses day. She's a huge Eagles fan! We're playful rivals....both of us from Pennsylvania, but I like the Steelers and she's a Philly fan! Chocolate chip cookie w/ BC logo


hhcakes Says... 7 years ago

Great job on logo! I've tried doing one before and it's not easy!

ladefly Says... 7 years ago

LOOKS GREAT!!! I love doing cookie cakes, it is so easy!!!

ladefly Says... 7 years ago

Sorry, is that a frozen buttercream transfer or did you pipe right on the cake ???? Looks really awesome!

RobzC8kz Says... 7 years ago

Hi Ladefly! I piped directly on the cake. First I free-handed the design with a food coloring marker, then I piped in the BC.

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