Coach Purse

 Coach Purse  on Cake Central

All fondant. Kinda hard to see, but there are replicas of her sunglasses and case as well. The cake is a 10x10x4 carved.

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you really did a great job, i thought that the glass case was real , could you please send me the directions on how you put the c's on the purse


Thanks guys! I sized the photos the customer gave me and printed out a C, then cut it out a piece of acetate. I just rolled fondant thin, laid the acetate down and cut around it, let ir set up for a little bit then tranferred them to the cake with a dab of water. Time conduming, but not nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be!


HOLY MOLY!!! That is just amazing!! I have to say..I am quite the Coach expert..hehe...And that is JUST LIKE THE REAL THING!! You are amazing...LOVE IT!!

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