kakeladi Says... 8 years ago

Nice, nice, nice:) Good work on the hat. I tried one and it didn't come out very good. No wonder your's came out so well.

jackson Says... 8 years ago

We took 1st place w/ this cake in our State Fair

kdannewells Says... 8 years ago

This one is my most favorite one we've ever done!(I'm the cousin) :D

punkyf Says... 8 years ago

Love your cake. What is the hat make out of?

DiannaSue Says... 8 years ago

WOW, what a fantastic job of decorating. You two did a great job. Beautful cake. Everything is so pretty.

jackson Says... 8 years ago

We took a small plastic party hat from Party Supply store & covered it in plaster of paris strips, then let dry, removed plastic hat & covered form in fondant, sprayed w/ blk food coloring & added medallion on front.

maryindublin Says... 8 years ago

You definitely earned 1st place, I just love it!!

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