Chocolate Dots Wedding Cake

I had so much fun with this cake, but the reception was an outdoor reception in the middle of the day... In the Mississippi heat! UGH! I waited until just the last minute to get this cake put together due to the fact that I didn't want it to become a puddle of cake soup on the floor. The bride loved the cake. Her mother cried, she cried... I cried... Go figure! There were an assorment of cakes, chocolate with B/C, french vanilla with B/C, White filled with fresh strawberries with B/C. Chocolate fondant dots


Shyanne_Mommy Says... 8 years ago

I think I would have cried too!!! Great job!

Erika513x2 Says... 8 years ago

that cake is cool 8)

DoniB Says... 8 years ago

that is just too cool! I usually don't like dots very much, but for some reason, this one appeals. Great job! :)

DiannaSue Says... 8 years ago

Really came out fantastic. Great display. Love the dots.

nursey Says... 8 years ago

Great job ..............they're very cute

kim34 Says... 8 years ago

omg rhiscake isjust beautiful i,m from msand yes it,s been hot lol great cake

tcturtleshell Says... 8 years ago

How awesome! I love it!!

CambriasCakes Says... 7 years ago

That's really cool and it's ton of cake too! Sounds like my kind of party!

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