Black & White Wedding Cake With Satin Ribbon And Fall Roses

12, 10, 8 cakes Pumpkin spice with cream cheese filling, choc with raspberry filling, all covered in crusting cream cheese icing. Smoothed the Melvira way and accented with black satin ribbon faced with clear packing tape, color added with fresh fall roses. Monogram on top was created by the groom, the base is from the lighting dept at Lowe's and painted black.


mariafun Says... 8 years ago

What is the Melvira way of smoothing? Can't wait to try your cream cheese icing tonight!

aztomcat Says... 8 years ago

maria, the melvira method is named after the very smart creator here on CC, it is a combo of smoothing with viva paper towels and with a foam paint roller. Simply search it and their is a tutorial here with photos. I first printed it and used is step by step for smoothing. Now I don't have to look at the directions. You will have to go to a hardware store or walmart for the roller.

Bettycrockermommy Says... 8 years ago

I love it!! You did great!! Your stand is perfect with this.

dar72 Says... 8 years ago

Beautiful cake! I love that you used a cream cheese frosting. Would you know how long that would last (crusted) in humid weather?

aztomcat Says... 8 years ago

well, dar. I am in AZ where there is no humidity. I iced that cake the day before the wedding and it was still fine at 10pm the next day. When making the icing, you may need to use less liquid or more powdered sugar to adapt it to a very humid client.

jklcooper Says... 8 years ago

Very nice! What exactly is base intended for at Lowe's?

aztomcat Says... 8 years ago

I believe it is a ceiling fixture surround. It was in the clearance area.

susanscakebabies Says... 8 years ago

Love the base idea. What a cool idea. Great cake and the packing tape, so simple but yeah, never thought of it. I will have to do that from now on. Great cake.

lovincake Says... 8 years ago

This is just lovely...and very creative!!!

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