Bushell Of Apples

I know you won't believe it but my 8 yr. old son made this cake with virtually NO help from me and I think he did an awesome job!!!! It was for a cake decorating contest/cake auction at his school and 5 min. before we left the house the cake exploded!!! The apples were too heavy......so they showed this photo of the cake and auctioned it off anyhow with an I.O.U. that he would make another for the winning bidder! He was thrilled it went for 20 bucks!


Gingoodies Says... 8 years ago

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! soo sorry it fell apart. :cry:

Debs71 Says... 8 years ago

Wow! You have one talented little boy! He did a great job!!!

brilandken Says... 8 years ago

So cute! He did a great job!! :D

susgene Says... 8 years ago

What? An 8 year old make this cake?! INCREDIBLE!! What were the apples made from?

KHalstead Says... 8 years ago

they were just fondant and he airbrushed them

Shannon36 Says... 8 years ago

HE did a wonderful Job!! Keep trying!!

inspireddecorator Says... 8 years ago

What a artist. I would have never thought this cake was done by an 8 yr old. It should have gotten a lot more than $20! Great job.

melysa Says... 8 years ago

he did an amazing job on those apples! the look very very real.

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