Glori's Wedding

A last minute wedding. The flowers are gumpaste decoupage! TFL!!!


2508s42 Says... 8 years ago

I like how you colored your flowers and the leaves. Looks great.

Laura102777 Says... 8 years ago

Beautiful! You'd never know it was last minute!

melissaanne Says... 8 years ago

I love the colours and the delicate effect. I bet they loved it!

chaptlps Says... 8 years ago

I really like this cake, especially the idea of making decopage flowers.. You'll have to explain to us in a forum post how you did them!!!

Daisys_Cakes Says... 8 years ago

Absolutely beautiful! Those flowers look gorgeous! :D

BabyC1985 Says... 8 years ago

very nice, i like the colour an dthe flowers. great job

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