Baby Booties & Ella

I made these for the first time, it took me a week of trying to get the booties right. This was the best I could get so maybe someone can tell me what to do differently next time. I had a hard time get the top to match up with the bottom. So I made these for my niece's christening in a few weeks but not sure if I am doing a cake. I figured I could do a dummy cake up and photo it.


manders Says... 8 years ago

Did you use a pattern? they look pretty good to me. I just made my first ones the other night and i used a pattern form cc. frosting11 posted this pattern (...)

manders Says... 8 years ago

ok it would not let me post the url so if you want it just pm me and i will send it to you.

boricua_mami75 Says... 8 years ago

You did a great job. Please PM me the url..

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