these were for my daughters kindergarten class to celebrate her birthday......she got the idea for these from some cupcakes on flickr by "zalita"....you should check out her cupcakes if you get a chance...AMAZING DETAILS! heres her link http://www.flickr.com/photos/65668398@N00/

....my butterflies were a little too big.....but she wanted her polka dotted butterflies!


jayhawk Says... 8 years ago

so pretty, they look yummy

babybundt Says... 8 years ago

beautiful job!! are the butterflies candy? how did you get the betterflies wings to look like thet were in flight. :)

Daisys_Cakes Says... 8 years ago

Too cute! I love the butterflys and flowers! Awesome job! :D

twinsline7 Says... 8 years ago

thanks! the butterflies and flowers are fondant ....after I cut each one I kinda folded them ....then took a piece of wax paper and folded it in half....then I taped two dowels (one on each side of the fold in the paper) underneath.....so that the butterflies rested in between the dowels and the wings kinda folded over I hope that makes sense!

fiddlesticks Says... 8 years ago

sooo sweet love them !! look at all that grass !! :lol:

spottydog Says... 8 years ago

Oh too cute. Your kids classes must love you! Your always sending treats!!!

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