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I learned a lesson or 2 with this cake. I learned that you can't tort a frozen cake.!!! And if you try you ,will mutilate the cake. I am not happy with this cake, but This was the best save I could do considering that the bottom layer had to be carefully pieced back together. It was supposed to be similar to a cake I saw here on CC but it just didn't happen.

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You did a wonderful job on your save! I believe the best way to learn anything is to learn the hard way. I'm pretty sure you'll do better on your next cake! ;-D


I think you do a great job, be proud! You cant even tell it was a mess up. We are usually the only ones who know! :D By the way did you make the pearls? Are they covered in pearl dust?? I have some to do and was just wondering.


yes I made the pearls from mmf . I used a silicone mold dusted with super pearl dust and then painted them with pearl dust and vodka

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