Standing In The Gap

This cake's design was inspired by the "Little Lake" cake by Benja. I helped my mom put it together to use for a centerpiece at a Gideon dinner/meeting whose theme was the Bible verse from Ezekiel 22:30, hence "Standing in the Gap." She made all of the rocks, stepping stones, flowers, tall grass blades, men and duck from fondant and/or gumpaste. The bridge was made from matchsticks. You can't see them very well but there are also two men "working" under the bridge. Very fun to make!


Shyanne_Mommy Says... 8 years ago

Wonderful job.....I think you did very good on the cakes to represent Ezekiel 22:30

GraceHope Says... 8 years ago

This is my kind of cake! I am very impressed! :wink:

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