OSSAS Wedding Cake Entry

The inspiration for my piece was Audrey Hepburn's dress from the film, My Fair Lady. I had the dummy cakes custom made to give the "dress" a form fitting effect, all lace work was done w/ impressions and hand cut. All overpiped w/ royal and decorated w/ fondant pearls. The bottom and middle tier were seperated w/ royal lacepoints. The bottom was draped w/ fondant, and decorated w/ fine piping work. So proud of my gumpaste roses! Bows made from fondant. The dome top was inspired by a photo posted by heavenlycakes (thanks Tara!) made from gumpaste (several attempts here!) My first entry in the OSSAS and came home with a bronze. I was so proud! Can't wait till next year!


tatetart Says... 8 years ago

Allison this cake is beyond beautiful. It takes the gold in my opinion!!! :D :D

JaneK Says... 8 years ago

OMG...the closeup of the cake is amazing...it's fabulous (me cheering!!!) ;-D :party:

cjd Says... 8 years ago

WOW, WOW, WOW, OMG Beautiful!!!!!

Copacabanya Says... 8 years ago

This was one of my favorite cakes at the shoe, the top piece just blew me away! I think it deserved a gold! Fabulous job!

susanscakebabies Says... 8 years ago

That is truly stunning. I am in AW by all the detail,, just gorgeous. how on earth did you do such perfect stripes on the bows, that alone is impressive To me.

debster Says... 8 years ago

I absolutely love the lace work.............BRAVO

justme50 Says... 8 years ago

I saw this at the show. Thought it was stunning then and still do! Congratulations!

Teekakes Says... 8 years ago

Simply stunning!! Can't even imagine all the hours you put into making this! Your perfect pink roses are outstanding! Congrats on the bronze! Your certainly deserve it and then some!!!

lovincake Says... 8 years ago


Wiltonlady Says... 8 years ago

It's absolutely beautiful. You are truly an artist.

tonedna Says... 8 years ago

I went to Tulsa to see the show...I took a zillion photos of your cake...is gorgeous!

frostedbliss Says... 8 years ago

My DD and I went to the show

frostedbliss Says... 8 years ago

try this again....anyway, we saw your cake Sat. and commented how beautiful and detailed it is. I love the colors, the lace, the everything! Just perfect! Congrats!

nmartin7 Says... 8 years ago

WOW - words fail me, but WOW!!!

beccakelly Says... 8 years ago

this is so gorgeous!! you did a fantastic job on it!

GRAMMASUE Says... 8 years ago

Congratulations!!! This is perfectly beautiful!!!

kath1304 Says... 8 years ago

This is gorgeous! So much detail! Would love to know how you did the black and white stripes on the bows. :D

tcturtleshell Says... 8 years ago

Wow!! You should be extremely proud!! The cake is gorgeous!! Congrads!!

raymona Says... 8 years ago

Saw this in Tulsa, one of my favorites. Keep up the good work. Loved the lace. Your design work is beautiful.

amberhoney Says... 8 years ago

wow that is fabulous...perfect. Can't find fault anywhere!! the gold and silver must have been incredible for this to have 'only' placed third!!

Tide89 Says... 8 years ago

I don't know what else to say, but WOW!! I LOVE it!

CakeDiane Says... 8 years ago

Absolutely stunning! The lace work is incredible! Congrats on the bronze but you SO deserved the gold!!

wgoat5 Says... 8 years ago

Allison *holding chest* this is breath taking!!!

golfgirl1227 Says... 8 years ago

Um, wow. That's all I can say.

patty7276 Says... 8 years ago

allison, i have never seen such gorgeous detail. can you tell me how you did the striped bows?

Ash_V Says... 8 years ago

I saw this one at convention. It was one of my favorites...

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