I'm Seeing Polka Dots!

This is dark chocolate cake with raspberries -n- cream filling and a nice crumb coat of chocolate buttercream. Covered in fondx. I used super red luster dust on the dark pink polka dots. Tiers are 8" and 6". I made the monogram from floral wire and hot glued the rhinestones to it. I got a e-mail from the bride after her shower saying she loved the cake and the monogram. And she also said she is going to use the monogram as her wedding cake topper. COOL! I was thrilled that she liked it so much.


dg10148 Says... 8 years ago

Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Please Please Please :wink:

Asliceofcake Says... 8 years ago

This scary it's so realistic and cute, you have to post instructions and share your gift.

Asliceofcake Says... 8 years ago

Hey one question would I be able to color the Marzipan and make the baby a shade darker? Could you send me instructions on how to make this it's amazing!!!!!!! asliceofcake39@yahoo.com

D77 Says... 8 years ago

I have to tell you - you did a wonderful job! :)

HBcakes Says... 8 years ago

Your modeling is fantastic! It's very realistic, I wanna pick it up & cuddle it!

anneuk Says... 8 years ago

Ohhhhh I love these babies..... I would so love to be able to do these...

Kiwi777 Says... 8 years ago

This looks real! Beautiful job.

purplebutterfly1234 Says... 8 years ago

WOW!!! She looks so realistic!!! Great job, I can't wait to see your cake! :D

BakingGirl Says... 8 years ago

It is so realistic it is almost creepy. :D You did a great job!

msauer Says... 8 years ago

Awesome work!! I am blown away!!!

taparzyc Says... 8 years ago

WOW!!! 8O She's so cute! Great job!

jenlg Says... 8 years ago

This is so adorable. Would you be willing to share instructions? I have a baby shower cake to do and this would look cute with it. jen_buffs@yahoo.com

JaneK Says... 8 years ago

wow..this really looks like a precious little baby...great modeling skills!! :)

Minta Says... 8 years ago

So life like.

TC123 Says... 8 years ago

Absolutely beautiful! Everyone's going to love it! They'll be talking about you for weeks! :)

jakenheather Says... 8 years ago

so precious, so life like, so FRICKIN AWESOME!!!!!!! you go girl!!!

Charmaine49 Says... 8 years ago

You are becoming famous with your "babies" which are so lifelike......but, please, could all 1,000 of us see a tutorial????

lindazully Says... 8 years ago

I'm speachless! If you could share the instructions.... :D Amazing Job!

SweetTcakes Says... 8 years ago

Thanks ya'll! A tutorial is in the works, I hope it will be posted to the site soon. :D

Nicol Says... 8 years ago

A little creepy, but excellent work. I hope she can keep it for a long time.

tiptop57 Says... 8 years ago

Hmmmm - It's edible, how simply cannibalistic....... 8O I'm having trouble with the concept of marzipan babies, but great modeling skills though.

Liis Says... 8 years ago

great modelling.love your babies! ;-D

satgirlga Says... 8 years ago

VERY IMPRESSIVE!! I'm sure your friend will love it! She's beautiful!

Cancook Says... 8 years ago


lindsaylorne Says... 8 years ago


lindsaylorne Says... 8 years ago

sORRY i FORGOT MY E-MAIL ADDRESS lindsaylorne@hotmail.com

playingwithsugar Says... 8 years ago

Send them to me, too! That's awesome! - Theresa :)

ladij153 Says... 8 years ago

This baby is so beautiful and lifelike!! I want to try one but don't have a clue as to where to start! Would you put me on your list if you are sending instructions? ladij153@yahoo.com

sisita Says... 8 years ago

WOW. Great job. :o :) 8O

halesmom Says... 8 years ago

I just love this...I keep coming back to look at it. I would love to figure out how to do it. That lady that started marzipan babies is just awesome. I would love to have one. If you decide to share instructions I would love for you to send them to me. I am sure it is very difficult and time consuming as the lady that started all this charges a huge chunk of money just for a 3 inch version out of clay..but they are works of art. :)

weirkd Says... 8 years ago

I love the bow on this one! Too cute as usual!!! Hope this one gets to the top!! Let you know when I see it!!

SANDRAAMADOR Says... 8 years ago

great job also can you put me on your list to sandyamador@hotmail.com

SANDRAAMADOR Says... 8 years ago

still learning want is a marzipan :?

cakechica27 Says... 8 years ago

WOW. You are a talented person!

Jopalis Says... 8 years ago

I think it is beautiful. I love it as a decoration. I have a problem with it when it is the cake. Just me. Then I think it's creepy but not this one. Very artistic.

ConfectionAffection Says... 8 years ago

I'm impressed that it is so realistic looking...but, I also agree that it's kinda creepy.

LittleLinda Says... 8 years ago

How big is it anyhow?

chqtpi Says... 8 years ago

that is just beautiful! and breathtaking..i thought it was real until i looked at the thumbnail :) incredible!

conny Says... 8 years ago

de tan original qu se ve me parece que es de verdad :o

AnneGarmit Says... 8 years ago

WOW!!! The baby looks so real that I want to cuddle it !. Great works. Please also e-mail me if your are sharing instruction.

AnneZA Says... 8 years ago


meredetrois Says... 8 years ago

That is AMAZING!

daltonam Says... 8 years ago


dl5crew Says... 8 years ago

8O :o 8O :o 8O :o I'm speechless oh wait I can talk. May I have instructions????? dl5crew@yahoo.com That's really cool

SweetTcakes Says... 8 years ago

I guess it can seem creepy, But if you think of it made of cold porcelin or simply a figurine you can get from the store, it's not as creepy. I don't think it would get eaten, cause the hair is yarn. It's just a decoration :D :D I don't wish to creep anyone out. I just thought it was kinda sweet to have on top of a cake, sort of a favor, I guess. Thanks for all the great comments. I really appreciate it. :wink:

chivy Says... 8 years ago

This is amazing I'm eagarly awaiting the tutorial for this!

sbcakes Says... 8 years ago

wow, she is incredible! The detailing is just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this masterpiece!

Patzzz Says... 8 years ago

Absolutely beautiful!!!

GI Says... 8 years ago

Very beautiful for top of the cake. Very befitting! I look forward to reading your tutorial!!

Verina Says... 8 years ago

Wow! 8O I think it is special - made from something edible (to be eaten or not)! Kindly send me your instructions as well. verina@nuc.co.za

dragonflydreams Says... 8 years ago

:princess: BEAUTIFUL BABY PRINCESS :princess: does marzipan "keep" is it possible to save as a momento (could the same results be accomplished with gumpaste?) :princess:

Brickflor Says... 8 years ago

8O 'scuse me while I put my eyes back in! That is one cool cake! Very nice design, great colors, 10 out of 10 stars for you!

mrsbink Says... 8 years ago

very nice! definitely not your average run of the mill polka dot cake!

Belinda4 Says... 8 years ago

Wow~that is so unique! What was the inspiration? Did the bride give you a invitation or something? Great Work!

SweetResults Says... 8 years ago

Awesome monogram! The dots are great - I love the little dots around the big dot - nice twist!

pastryjen Says... 8 years ago

I would never have thought to put green on that cake but now that I see it, I think it looks fantastic. Love the monogram as well.

vhikche Says... 8 years ago

Totally awesome!!!! ;-D

SweetTcakes Says... 8 years ago

The inspiration for the cake was the invite. The hostess' sent me a copy of it and said to add green to it. So, instead of tiny brown dots around the big dots, I did green. I questioned it at first but, it turned out pretty cool. Thanks for the comments. :D

slm3 Says... 8 years ago

this is a very great job it looks like a real baby laying there i love it good idea for the top of the cake :)

ajna Says... 8 years ago

Breath taking - I would like the instructions as well as I am expecting a grandchild shortly. lidija1z@hotmail.com

joyofcakes Says... 8 years ago

I think she is so cute and would love the instruction dwestbrook3025@esagelink.com :) :)

tcturtleshell Says... 8 years ago

I love this design!! Fantastic~

jadak Says... 8 years ago

That is really really cool. :)

chaptlps Says... 8 years ago

I love the offbeat color scheme that is sooo kewl!!!!

Daisys_Cakes Says... 8 years ago

Too cute! Absolutely love it! :wink:

vona26 Says... 8 years ago

It looks like a Neopolatin ice cream cake!! Great Job!

manders Says... 8 years ago

i like the pattern alot! great job :lol:

SweetTcakes Says... 8 years ago

If anyone would like the tutorial, I can send it to you. You need to PM me with you regular e-mail addy. I would love to share.

bigmama1961 Says... 8 years ago

I love it so real looking would you send me instruction to bigmama1961@aol.com, Thank you great job just beautiful, my sister is expecting in dec. want to do this

visa Says... 8 years ago

I love it please tell me how did you do it.

jjsmama Says... 8 years ago

Love, love, love the baby! I am in the process of trying to find premade marzipan to make a cake for my hubby. If you can, please share where you got it. jonnyjuliesmama@yahoo.com

ALR1955 Says... 7 years ago

This is so amazing! Would love to have instructions.

jack109 Says... 7 years ago

I love this baby and I showed it to my 21 year old daughter and she said she wants this on her baby shower cake whenever that me be! Can you please send me the instructions also? kmanzo@juno.com Thanks in advance!

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