ChristineMarie Says... 8 years ago

Anniemay-Yes it is American Buttercream I may have used a tip 12 or bigger maybe I will check tonight and write back

fiddlesticks Says... 8 years ago

very pretty ! :)

BCo Says... 7 years ago

could you tell me what your hearts are made out of? Are they chocolate?

jesaltuve Says... 8 years ago

I love these, simple yet so elegant!

anniemay Says... 8 years ago

Hi ChristineMarie - is this buttercream and what tip did you use to get this smooth look. I really like it.

ChristineMarie Says... 7 years ago

the hearts are chocolate fondant cut with a small heart cutter

BCo Says... 7 years ago

thanks you - they are just so cute!

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