Ninja Turtle Pinata Cake

Ninja Turtle Pinata Cake on Cake Central

I got the idea for this cake here on CC!! This cake was for the son of one of the ladies who works with my sis-in-law at the church nursery. The center of the cake is hollow and I filled it with jolly ranchers, gumballs, and taffy. I made a candy coat using Green Wilton candy melts. I chilled it overnight and the coating wrinkled and cracked some. My buttercream crumb coat sort of sank to the bottom but thankfully it looks like Michaelangelo's chin. His bandanna is made of fondant. The little boy LOVED it!!

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I'll be the 1st to comment :) Adorable cake! I think it looks perfect. And the wrinkles and bc look great! What a novel idea!

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