First FBCT!!!

my very first FBCT! (the whole top is a FBCT) cake is WASC top layer, WASC w/chopped chocolate bottom layer, mocha buttercream filling, iced with white chocolate buttercream.... can't wait to try it, but i don't want to cut it yet! Practice cake, to try the FBCT and cake flavor combinations. I'd be happy with this "first draft" to take to the party!


MsMitchell Says... 8 years ago

isnt that the best cake! I will trya FBCT if it kills me!

TractorDiva Says... 8 years ago

I love it! I have to learn how to do the FBCT asap. Any tips for a newbie? Oh...and can I have a piece of that when you do cut it? :)

pidge Says... 8 years ago

i love your design and how you did the whole cake as one FBCT ... I have got to try one!! :D

nikki1201 Says... 8 years ago

thanks! i scanned a print i have hanging in my kitchen that i got from jo-anns! i almost started it before i realized i had forgotten to print it in reverse/mirror image!

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