Pop Star

Combo birthday cake for my daughter (5) and niece (12). It was interesting to get them to agree on a design. My dd really wanted Hannah Montana, and while my niece didn't, she agreed to a pop star design. Hannah & guitar are rice paper images I ordered. Fondant covered with fondant accents except for music notes which are bc. Star cake was dry-brushed with silver luster dust. This cake was tons of fun to make and my dd loves it! Can’t wait till my niece sees it later! TFL!


lara3teach Says... 8 years ago

thank you both for the comments! :D petalosr, I used floral wire found at Michael's.

AlamoSweets Says... 8 years ago

I love it too. What a great comprimise! Good Job Mom!

petalosr Says... 8 years ago

lovevly what type of wire did you use?

crazymomof3 Says... 7 years ago

Hi, I LOVE YOUR CAKE!! I am making it for my niece and I was wondering when you covered the star cake Was it one piecie of MMF or did you do it in sections? Thanks Crazymomof3

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