tracycakes Says... 7 years ago

Love the whimisical take on Halloween! Great job!

servingzero Says... 7 years ago

How did you do the base border? I really like it, it's unique from anything I've seen and cute! Love the colours!

nanavymom Says... 7 years ago

servingzero: Use rounded shell motion (see (...) to make ball border; outline balls with tip 3 or 4 drop strings; tip 3 dots at top of each string.

nikki1201 Says... 8 years ago

oooh... i love the cookies on top! never thought of that! i have to buy all the letters & numbers cutters now! very creative cake... great job!

ncbert Says... 8 years ago

Great color combination for Halloween. I love it!..Boo! :D

vabeach_girl77 Says... 7 years ago

such a cute cak great job!!!

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