Gerber Daisy Wedding Cake

Love cakes with real flowers on it, this one looks like I know what I'm doing. Pleased with the outcome


lovincake Says... 8 years ago

Oh, this is so pretty...I love this!!!

TJCanadian Says... 8 years ago

I used the crusting buttercream/faux fondant recipe and smoothed it with a Viva paper towel after it started to crust.

susanscakebabies Says... 8 years ago


msbaker84 Says... 8 years ago

Your cake looks really good. looks so professional I HAVE an EMERGENCY I'm doing my first wedding cake out of buttercreme. i made a sample cake and my frosting doesn't come this smooth hoe did u get yours to be so smooth . The wedding is this week 9/29 Please HELP ME TJCanadian!!!! :D

coreenag Says... 8 years ago

Very classy! Yep! Looks like you know what you're doing :D

Iloveweddings Says... 8 years ago

It is a great cake. Very pretty.

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