White Chocolate Mousse Mini Cake

Vanilla sponge filled with white chocolate mouse, iced in vanilla marscarpone cream and grated white chocolate curls - 2" - 3" cake. Forms part of 3 test cakes I did for a wedding order for the end of this coming week.


grama_j Says... 8 years ago

WOW! That is just BEAUTIFUL!

texasseegirl Says... 8 years ago

All I can say is YUM!!!!! Looks and sounds sinful.... :lol:

DiannaSue Says... 8 years ago

Looks yummie, can we all have a piece?

Leigh01 Says... 8 years ago

The mousse is yummy and would love to send you a piece if I could :)

Abrac Says... 8 years ago

Beautiful! That looks very yummy!

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