Show Cake With Mint Colour

2 of 4: This was my first time doing a wedding cake, first time entering a cake in a show and first time doing any lillies. 4inch tall rounds, dome is a bit taller. I tried to cover a sphere, but gave up and did the dome!


bobhope Says... 8 years ago

yeah so smooth and lovely for a first did a great job here :)

bobhope Says... 8 years ago

can you post a side view of the cake..pleaaase?! :)

heidihill Says... 8 years ago

There is already a front on view posted, if that is what you mean.

Momkiksbutt Says... 8 years ago

Wow! Great job!! Do you have a side view of this??

NancyJ1960 Says... 8 years ago


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