jenlg Says... 8 years ago

Great job!

snowshoe1 Says... 8 years ago

Wow - this is fantastic. please give us more details on the decorations - gingerbread houses are my favs!

heychele Says... 8 years ago

Absolutely Gorgeous!

smitakasargod Says... 8 years ago

Wow! That's a great piece of art. Love your details. Looks like the house jumped out of a fairytale book.

alittlesliceofhaven Says... 8 years ago

It looks like a house out of a Thomas Kincade picture. please give more details on your beautiful creation! How large is it? How long did it take you? Did you win?

seebring77 Says... 8 years ago

Thanks so much for all of the comments!!! I won in the 3rd week by the wilton judges, I did nit win the grand prize. This house is made out of home-made ginger bread. I only used royal icing to construct. I have never did this before, I loved doing it though, I am fasinated with architecture. I worked on it a couple of months then I looked for a contest. This house is preserved and I dont think I would ever get rid of it. I love to look at it.

Linliv46 Says... 8 years ago

Sooo beautiful! :wink:

barbydoll8 Says... 8 years ago

OMgoodness, this is fantastic

blharper Says... 8 years ago

Hi, this is awesome ....can you tell us how you did the sides and the roof, and also how did you get the color on the garage doors and sides?

seebring77 Says... 8 years ago

Hi, I just kept putting together gingerbread. I had alot of extra peices and just added. I supported the peices and let it dry, then came back the next day to start adding the brick. Every bbrick is piped on. When that dried, i painted it, using a paper plate and thinned dpwn food color. just like a palate. Every decoration is royal icing. It is preserved!!! I sprayed it with varnish. Thanks for the comments

sugarbeetle Says... 7 years ago

Wow! This is awsome! You've inspired me. thanks

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