Chocolate mudcake. Filled with chocolate BC.Covered in fondant. Some parts dusted with lustre dust. I know she needs to go on a diet... I know I should have carved her slimmer... Just as well you can't see her bum!!! Overall though, I am happy with her!!!


bambuf Says... 8 years ago

No diet necessary! She has on a hoop skirt! It just makes her a proper Southern Belle! :-) Great job on this cake!

Copacabanya Says... 8 years ago

I personally think she's gorgeous! Far less junk in her trunk than in mine! :wink: Those horizontal pleats are really fantastic, GREAT job!

Toniprev Says... 8 years ago

See close up photo comments for where to buy rolling pin for pleated skirt!! Thank you for your comments... and giving me a giggle!!

SarahsSweets2006 Says... 8 years ago

Hey, those hips don't lie! Haha. She's beautiful.

madgeowens Says... 8 years ago

Call her a Victorian Barbie, and she is perfect!

pinkbox Says... 8 years ago

Her bum looks fine!! Beautiful infact... wish my bum looked as good haha

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