Mermaid Cake


Here is the Mermaid cake I have been working on for the last couple weeks. This is the cake I made for my DD's 3rd Bday. The top layer is White Chocolate Raspberry cake and the middle layer is Southern Butter Pecan. Both made with creamers. The bottom layer was just a dummy to give height. I want to thank dods and gourmettiger for help with Ariel, xinue for the idea on the divider, and any other person that had a mermaid cake in the forum. I used many as inspirations for this cake.

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So cute, I love how you used the fish bowl as a stand, it really adds to the overall theme of the cake, I love that type of creativity!


Ha I remember commenting on the close up of ariel and flounder back a couple of weeks ago...well if I thought they were impressive I didn't see nothin' 'til I saw the whole cake! :D


Thanks for the comments. For the castle I cut some dowel rods at different shapes to try and match the castle from the movie. Covered them in gumpaste, the rolled out some gumpaste for the bottom and the tops. After they dryed, I painted it all with gold luster dust.

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