3D Duck & Water

Donated to grade school for carnival “cake-walk”. Was a big hit! Duck is WASC, lemon BC; 10” round extra-rich orange “pond” w/vanilla light BC hint of orange filling, dark chocolate/orange BC for sides (dirt) & vanilla BC (pond). Crumb coated duck giving it more frosting taste when cut, since I forgot I was going to vertically cut/fill, but had it already assembled. Orange cake “domed” & I tried the flattening trick, it sunk just a bit too much & gave it just enough of a sitting-in-the-water perfect look! Shimmed one side & used med.-sized dowels to keep it sturdy since little kids at the carnival have a tendency to get overly excited when they win a cake! Cake board had geese pattern to match theme. (Using the WASC & Star Tip was perfect for this 3D duck & I liked it better than the other duck in my photos.)


rcs Says... 7 years ago

I'm sure that it was the first one chosen!! I've never seen a cake like that at a cake walk!!

GI Says... 7 years ago

Thanks! You are too kind! ( I did pipe in more stars after this pix was taken.)

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