Toniprev Says... 8 years ago

I think it is so lovely and elegant - very stylish design. Very Impressive - So did you also go out and buy yourself a new bag and pair of shoes as your birthday present to yourself!

Cancook Says... 8 years ago

Hi Guys, thank so much for our comments and compliments! It is so important to hear from you guys and be able to share this passion. Toniprev...I wento shopping already 2 weeks ago....but could not find a 'SWEET' shoe like this one! LOL

melysa Says... 8 years ago

what a sleek and sophisitcated birthday cake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! you did a really nice job with your gumpaste~

omaida Says... 8 years ago

AWESOME!!!! I absolutely love it!!!!

alisonarty Says... 8 years ago

Well done ! So glad your cake and party went so well. Great job. Alison xx

aundron Says... 8 years ago

Very nice!! I'm scared to attempt the shoe; was it hard to do??

helipops Says... 8 years ago

Are you kidding :lol: That is fantastic; sort of a modern Audrey Hepburn feel!!!!!

franjmc Says... 8 years ago

Well done, you've really done a lovely job of both the shoe and the purse

Cancook Says... 8 years ago

Hi Mel, I looked at this shoe and found very NICE but...there is room to improve. I saw all the imperfection and we all know that in the cake business the 'detal' is what make your job stand out! And thank you

Cancook Says... 8 years ago

Ops, it went without my command! As I was saying...thank you...the party was exellent. People left at 2 am...great food, great friends and a good looking cake!

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