vitomiriam Says... 7 years ago

Absolutely incredible! I can only imagine how much work this was. You should be very proud of yourself, it is fantastic.

DiannaSue Says... 7 years ago

You should be happy it turned out nice you did a good job. Nice of DH to help.

Anna31 Says... 7 years ago

WOW!!! That is awesome!! Looks like a lot of work! Great job! 8O

JanetPlanet Says... 7 years ago

Oh wow! Very nicely done! How many did that feed?

renee2007 Says... 7 years ago

awesome house. can you tell us how you did it? :D

smitakasargod Says... 7 years ago

F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C !! :)

Cakegirl20 Says... 7 years ago

8O Wow! That's a Cake! :o 8) :D :) You did a really good job! Way to go!

tararw Says... 7 years ago

I started with 4 1/4 sheet cakes stacked and the cut 3 more to make the side and back. I used the brick template to get the texture. We covered the main cake 1st then put the others on and covered them. The roof is foam board that my DH modeled to match the real roof. We covered it with fondant and texured it with the basket weave template. The everything is fondant accented with RI. I brused the color on and did not put the roof on until I delivered it. thank you for looking and for your comments.

tararw Says... 7 years ago

It fed at least 100 people

kimhamjohn Says... 7 years ago


vonnie99 Says... 7 years ago

That looks great! Be proud of your work!!!

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