Baby Shower Cake

This is a choc mud cake with fondant icing and decorations. The bears were created using Aine2's great tutorial. This was my first attempt at a bow.


grannysmith Says... 8 years ago

Awesome job! Aine2 will be so proud of you :)

aine2 Says... 8 years ago

Oh I AM so proud! This is just precious. I love your design. Fabulous work! :wink:

nicolevoorhout Says... 8 years ago

Not only are the bears adorable, I love the way you did the word baby on the stars, so cute!

nicoles-a-tryin Says... 8 years ago

Such an amazing job!!! Fabulous!! SOOO CUTE!

RICKASH Says... 7 years ago

I agree with grannysmith, you have done wonders with aines bear tutorial..well done

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