Bridal Shower

I made this for my Daughters 2nd Bridal shower. It's a smaller version of the one I made for her first, only in a different color. I really wish I could write better! Seems my writing always ruins the cake! ARGHHHHHH!


Sherry0565 Says... 8 years ago

bkkimberly, I have tried the press set....believe me! The problem is that my hands are so shaky, I can't follow the imprints very well! :x :x :x

soshye Says... 8 years ago

I love the colors. The border is perfect. How did you do it? I'm a newbie and I havent concured borders yet.

bkkimberly Says... 8 years ago

:) Both cakes are really pretty, you should do what I do, use a letter press set... :wink: also love your borders and flowers

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