mnmmommy Says... 8 years ago

I really like this. you did a great job! I have to do a Big Ben cake next month, how did you do this cake? any help is appreciated. Thanks

mnmmommy Says... 8 years ago

ps-I'm sure you can just crop the pic, do photo shop...

AnneZA Says... 8 years ago

Nice theme cake. To show off your creativity to the utmost be sure to clear away any competing objects. Your great cake should get all the attention, and look as professional as possible.

MirandaJM Says... 8 years ago

Yeah, I didn't realize the peanut can was in the picture until I got home and downloaded my pictures. :oops:

Katrinagarrett1980 Says... 8 years ago

:D great cake! Hook em Horns!!!

Molly2 Says... 8 years ago

Love this cake

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