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NM. I was trying to click on the wrong thing and wouldn't come up. I got it now Thank you again!
Hello Alice,Would you mind sending me your matrix also. What a blessing. I just did my first cookie order and came here to figure out how you guys do your pricing for them.Thank you in advance,Momo
I don't know what it is called but its the effect where you cross over lines and has an embossed diamond look sort of. anyway, what do you use to do thos lines???
I posted awhile back asking about this and someone had sent it to my personal email but my computer crashed and I lost it.I have a client that wants a wedding cheesecake... I've heard italian butter cream was good for decorating these types of wedding cakes.anyone have a workable cheesecake recipe for weddingcakes/tiered/structured cakes?TIAmomo
Has anyone made a cheesecake wedding cake. I know that they can be made but need help in getting started and if regular buttercream/italian cream icing can be used or fondant...thanks for the help in advance
Someone asked me for a Tres Leches cake and got the tres leches III recipe from here. I thought I did everything right but when the cooled they had shrunk to half the size and turned out to be more of a really stiff pound cake consistency. It didn't absorb any of the milke and then when I went ice the cake the milks mixed with the icing and that was another story. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong. Here is the recipe I followed from the website. I told the lady i made it...
Thanks guys. I didn't even think about the the icing being too sweet. I was just thinking about a decorating icing. Thanks for bringing that to my attention Is whipping icing still easy to use for decorations? I noticed boxes for mixing from wilton before but never tried it.Thanks again.
I noticed that on all the recipes for Tres Leches cakes are "light". Have any of you used a buttercream icing to ice a Tres Leches cake? I know you can get a wedding cake from Fiesta in Tres Leches but I wonder what kind of icing they use. I am actually making this for a friend but wanted to be creative with icing so thought to use buttercream. What do you guys think?
What do most of you use for your hourly rate? I use the price matrix available on the site and noticed that it has A$5.15 automatically in there but didn't know if that was just put there since it is min wage. So what do you guys charge?
I am just starting out selling my cakes...I am making a $100 cake for my cousin. It is for her husbands birthday. I told her not to worry about the price since it was experience and she insisted on paying and to let her know the cost. I let her know and said that I would charge her $50 and to spread the word. She insisted on paying $100 and still spread the word. Another friend asked me to make her a mini wedding cake for her anniversary. I charged her $30 and she cut a...
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