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I use the same one. Very affordable.
I too have been looking into doing this in my area. I've already started developing mock sweet tables to have something to show. I buy the candy and I'm actually recycling it because no one is going to be eating it right now. I need a portfolio so I can showcase some of my own work and not have to refer to Pinterest or Google when a customer contacts me. I can at least show something I've already done. I bought a white table linen, which can be used again and again and...
Hello everyone. Can you tell me approximately how many people this cake would serve. I've never done a pillow cake before so I wanted to try to quote the customer as accurately as possible. Thanks.
Thank you!
How do I do this cupcake top? What exactly has to be done to the frosting and the chocolate? Thanks.
Thank you! I love these things. It makes everything look SO simple! LOL. I'm gonna try it.
Yeah, I saw that!!! I was trying to figure it all out! LOL. I'm WAY undercharging!!!! Wow!
For some reason the attachments won't upload. Fooey!
I've been wondering how to get the shape of the bottom tiers of each of these cakes? PLEASE tell me I don't have to sculpt! LOLThanks!
Hello everyone, I had a customer (I did a cake for her 2 months ago and she's sent me 2 referrals) who is kind of a friend who discussed a birthday cake with me weeks ago. I tracked her down about 3 weeks ago (reluctantly) to find out what she wanted and she said something about maybe (key word is "maybe") a purse with some makeup, etc and she would send me the pics but she couldn't figure out how to email from her iPad, but she would send them when she did. Never heard...
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