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Do you think I could do a 3D bottle like this and just stick the two sides together so I could make it in a bucket?  Also what colors did you use to air brush this so well. It truely looks like glass in the pictures.  Tastes much better than sugar bottle too!!! Thanks
I hate to make icing and therefore I have been purchasing it.  I am feeling a bit guilty about it.  I don't like the taste too much.  Is there any way to make purchased icing taste better.  The recipie I used to make used powder coffee creamer shortning sugar and I added vanilla and almond extracts and it was better but I am not sure I want to do all of that again. Thanks
Thanks. I bought it. Hope it is the same one!!
I bought some gold color dust by marcela sanchez that when you mix it with vodka makes the BEST metalic silver color in one coating. I cannot find a place to buy it now. It is edible and is really pretty. Does anyone know where I can buy it?Thanks
how do you make a cupcake boquet?
I don't know but I would be interested in that too!!
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