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Please be very careful. I did a seven tier wedding cake with candles spiralling on the outside and the sugar work caught fire. It burnt fast and hot. My husband tried to put it out and got a huge blister on his hand.
I traveled out of Singapore with five tiers of cake. (Checked-in) It was massive, paid for a lot of excess baggage!   This was Rich dark fruit cake, and I left the cakes in their tins, and then carefully wrapped in foil and then bubble wrap. Carried the fondant and the marzipan separately and covered and iced at the destination. Luckily ... no damage. But it was a very sturdy firm cake.   On another note, when I was flying out of London, a block of cheese from my...
  Just for you to see... This is my moth orchid, not sure of the exact name. Yours are really fantastic ... these orchids are notoriously difficult to put together.   Great work!   Karen
That's beautiful!   I live in Singapore and have similar orchids growing in my garden. Yours are really good!   Karen
I don't think anyone other than you the OP came off as rude.   You don't have time to do research? and you expect others to do it for you and point you in the right direction?    Aren't you assuming that your time is more important than theirs by making a statement like that?       Do your home-work, and then come to cakecentral for help, and you will get it. Come and demand, and you will get nothing.
I remember reading the thread and the posts that the OP mentioned, among many similar others. But, as usual, the thread has been deleted, and we will never be able to confirm who said what. Unbelievable that they keep deleting threads instead of facing the issue and refunding the money they owe!
And I agree with Stitches, I saw the responses in a thread too. And Yes, they were not appropriate.
As you can see from my profile I have been a member of CC for a long time. This has been going on forever. Helpful members get intimidated and stop posting, bullies(sometimes just people who do not agree with CC's policies) eventually get banned, threads get locked or deleted, questions are asked over and over again. (And Yes, they are the same questions!) I'm sure some of you have been around for some time will remember a few of the battles in the past, and all the...
Well said!
Accusing Jason of hacking the web-site ... RIDICULOUS!
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